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Deliveries to Westchester and Putnam counties available.

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Handmade Baked Goods

The adventure of J'adore Baking Company Started in 2016.
Sandrine, the owner & Pastry Chef, is proud to say that these pastries are made from scratch.
She gives a huge importance to the products quality she uses.
The ingredients are mostly local, choosen with a lot of attention and love.
No preservatives are used!!!
Each order will be baked with a fresh and new batch.

For Each Special Occasion in Your Life

A birthday?  A wedding? A Familly meeting? An employee you would like to thanks for his Hard work? A special breakfast with your childrens A special Holiday?

So many occasions, we could have during our life to just enjoy a simple and tasty pastry.
From a cookies platter to a customized cake. The choice I will give you is  large (pies, cookies, brioche, croissant, assortment of specials treats like truffles, caneles, individuals cake, marshmallow.....)

​​Why My Pastries are Special

Sandrine loves sweet and privileges the importance of the product taste countrary of sugar addition inside her pastries.
For her it's important to have a good balance between each flavor and the texture.

She reduces the amount of sugar on each pastries (It could be reduced to 40% sometimes, like in her fruits paste)

Top Quality Baker
The French Baker of the Hudson Valley
Baking Traditional French pastries, with hight quality products.
Each customer is unique with different expectations, I will be here for you to give you the best.

  1. French Pastries
    French Pastries
    Classic French pastries from my region or another.
  2. Fresh Bread
    Fresh Bread
    Different flours available, Could be order by loaf or individual
  3. Fresh Viennoiseries
    Fresh Viennoiseries
    From Brioche to chocolate croissant. Enjoy a breakfast with some viennoiseries
  4. Customized order
    Customized order
    Each order could be customized
  5. Gluten & Nut Free Pastries
    Gluten & Nut Free Pastries
    If you have some allergy let me know